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Welcome to Heritage at Home

The Museum of Orange Heritage is launching an online initiative to bring the story of Orangeism to your Living Room.

At this difficult time of isolation and lockdown, as the World takes on the challenge of Covid-19 and public spaces remain closed, we want to share some aspects of our history and culture, which people can view from the comfort of their own homes.

Over the next two months the museum is making available a series of exhibitions that have featured in its ongoing programme to promote a greater understanding of Orange history.

Since opening in June 2015, the Museum has hosted seven temporary exhibitions highlighting a series of topics that relate to the heritage and traditions of the Orange Family – the Battle of the Somme, the importance of the Reformation, the Orange Contribution to the Great War, the Material Culture of Orangeism, the Musical Heritage of the Orange Family, the Orange Contribution to World War II, and the history of the Ladies’ Association.

Each of these exhibitions will be launched online to mark a particular anniversary or event. They will be an opportunity for people to delve into the aspects of Orange heritage and learn more about the traditions that are held so dear by the Orange Family worldwide. It is our way of telling our story and giving online visitors a chance to learn more about the inspirational contribution that Orangemen and Women have made over the centuries, see some of the artefacts held in our collections and explore aspects of history at your own pace. Given that museums and heritage centres are closed we want to bring the Museum to You.

The first exhibition to go live is 'In the Name of the Sisterhood' which charts the history of the Ladies' Association.

Bringing the Museum to Your Home is part of a wider online drive by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland and the Museum of Orange Heritage to educated and inform online as we all play our part in fighting Covid 19. Over the coming weeks a variety of activities and educational material will be placed online through our various platforms. These are designed to engage and promote understanding at a difficult time.

Dr. Jonathan Mattison, Museum Curator said: “In common with a number of other museums, we want to help promote learning in the living room and make aspects of our displays and collections available to the public. It will also give a wider audience a chance to see the type of activities that we undertake at the Museum of Orange Heritage and encourage them to visit our Belfast and Loughgall premises after social distancing measures have been lifted.”

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