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Here's a selection of online activities to celebrate

'Orange Heritage Week' 21 - 28 September 2023



Blue Headset

Listen Online: The Birth of Orangeism

Listen to a special Podcast on the Birth of Orangeism, as originally broadcast on Radio Boyne


For Singing & For Dancing

Download a PDF of the special exhibition hosted in the Museum, entitled 'For Singing & For Dancing'


Radio Snippets

9 short audio clips as featured recently on Radio Boyne for you to listen to

Artifacts Boyne musket (2).jpg

The Boyne in 12 Objects

Join us as we explore the Battle of the Boyne as told through 12 key artefacts


Pamphlet: Damask Linen Tablecloth

Download this PDF Pamphlet all about the 1675 Damask Linen Tablecloth


In Step & In Focus

Downloadable presentation focusing on the Bands and Drums of Ulster

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