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Welcome to Curator's Corner!

This podcast series from the team at the Museum of Orange Heritage will look at different aspects of Orange history, shine a light on some key artefacts and address their significance.

In this introductory episode, Dr. Jonathan Mattison explains a bit about Curator's Corner and what you can look forward to learning about over the coming weeks.

Curator's Corner Podcast

In the first episode of our Curator's Corner series, Museum Support Officer Sarah Cameron looks at items relating to the life of William M Black, who saw service during the Great War.

Episode 1 - William M. Black

Episode 2 - William Tyndale

In this second episode of our Curator's Corner series we look at another item from our archives at Schomberg House. This time it relates to William Tyndale and is connected to our 'A Resolute People' exhibition.

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