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The Orange Contribution to WWII - Appeal for Stories

Updated: May 5, 2020

Given that this week marks the 75 anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, the Museum of Orange Heritage is appealing for stories from the Orange Family about family relatives who may have served in the War.

We want to know more about those Orangemen and Women who served during the Second World War, many of whom paid the supreme sacrifice in defence of freedom. As part of this initiative we want people to send us in stories and images about these Orangemen and Women, the units they served with and what they endured during the war. We also want to hear about those who were impacted by the Blitz and those who were involved in vital war work.

The museum plans to release these stories and images online through the summer, marking both the VE Day and VJ Day celebrations, as part of a wider online engagement initiative through both the Museum of Orange Heritage and the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. The information will also form part of an archive about the Orange contribution to the Second World War.

We want to include as many stories as possible, including those that reflect what life was like on the Home Front. Here are some suggestions of what can be included:

· Service in the Military.

· Essential War Work.

· Stories about evacuation because of the Blitz.

· Service in the Home Guard or the Police.

· Service in voluntary organisations such as the Red Cross or St. John Ambulance.

Below is a basic template that can be used as a guide. Remember to include an image of your relative and the name and number of the Orange Lodge they were in.

Example -

Name: Thomas Anderson

Town: Belfast

Branch of Service: 8th Belfast (Heavy) Anti Aircraft Regiment

Awards Received: Service Medal

Theatres of War: Europe and the Far East

Lodge Name and Number: LOL No. 1947

Additional Information: Enlisted in 1939 and survived the war. He remembered celebrating the Twelfth of July when on deployment in India and Burma. They constructed an Orange Arch and on Twelfth of July, bands and Orangemen assembled to mark the occasion.

Email your stories to

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