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Museum of Orange Heritage launches audio tour

The Museum of Orange Heritage at Schomberg House has turned to technology as it bids to boost its offering to tourists.

The museum, based on Belfast’s Cregagh Road, attracts thousands of visitors annually, with an increasing number coming from overseas.

Museum Curator Dr. Jonathan Mattison and Digitisation Officer Carly Wallace with the new audio tour handsets

Curator of the Museum of Orange Heritage, Dr. Jonathan Mattison said the launch of the audio tour will great enhance the overall visitor experience for tourists.

“As part of our drive to continually improve the visitor experience in the Museum of Orange Heritage, we have created an audio tour of our galleries. This will allow visitors to explore aspects of the history and heritage on show at their own leisure,” he explained.

“This will increase the accessibility of our facility and help visitors explore artefacts and stories in much greater detail.”

Digitisation Officer Carly Wallace pictured beside one of the displays which features in the audio tour.

Currently, the guides provide additional information in English, French and German.

Dr. Mattison added: “With an increase in the number of European tourists coming to Northern Ireland, it was important that we continued to enhance the way in which we engaged with visitors interested in cultural history and heritage such as ours.”

The launch of the audio facility comes at the conclusion of Orange Heritage Week.

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