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335th anniversary of William and Mary's Coronation

335 years ago - on 11 April 1689 - the Coronation of William III and Mary II took place. Westminster Abbey was abuzz as the Establishment assembled to witness a unique event – the coronation of Joint Monarchs.

The creation of a Joint Monarchy was a political compromise. The Whigs were keen supporters of William of Orange, but for the Tories, making Mary Queen, kept a Stuart on the throne. This is the only period in British History that there has been a Joint Monarchy.

This event, a key feature of the Glorious Revolution, was yet another step towards Liberty in the British Isles. In marked contrast to the Tyranny of Charles II and his brother James II, the balance of power was permanently swinging away from the person of the Monarch and being enshrined within Parliament and representatives of the people.

This event, although taking place against the backdrop of fighting in Ireland and Scotland, was part of a series of steps that would see the introduction of a new Constitutional Settlement, especially the creation of a Bill of Rights. This Glorious Revolution would be secured on the battlefields of Ireland and Scotland.

If you would like to know more, you can visit the FREE Liberty exhibition currently on display at the Museum of Orange Heritage, Schomberg House, Belfast.

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