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VE Day 75 - Music & Video

To help you with your stay-at-home VE Day 75 Celebrations, we've got some great Music and Video suggestions for you.

Just click each link below to be taken to the relevant playlist on YouTube.



The Songs & Music of World War II:

1930s & 40s Songs associated with World War II

VE Day Music:

A collection of 24 Songs popular during May 1945 on the Original VE Day

Click HERE to access this Playlist on YouTube

Documentary: VE Day - Victory in Europe:

A fantastic documentary focused on the last days of World War II in Europe and the Celebrations at the end of the War

Highlights of the 50th Anniversary of VE Celebrations, 1995:

A nostalgic look back at original BBC News Coverage of the 50th Anniversary celebrations in May 1995

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