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Staunch & True - Did you know...? Part one

As part of our Staunch & True online exhibition, we have the first of two 'Did you know...?' articles from Dr Jonathan Mattison, curator of the Museum of Orange Heritage.

These bite-size posts look at two interesting facts as associated with the exhibition.

An Orangeman was involved in the prayer group that is acknowledged as helping start the Great Ulster Revival of 1859.

Jeremiah MeNeely, Secretary of Fernisky LOL No. 115, was a member of a small prayer group, encouraged by Rev. John Moore of Connor Presbyterian Church, that met in the Old School House near Fernisky. Meetings of this prayer group sparked a sequence of events that saw the Holy Spirit encourage a Great Revival across Ulster.

One of the biggest selling books in Canada during the Nineteenth Century was written by an Orangeman. Charles Chiniquy (pictured leftt) was originally a Roman Catholic priest before converting to Protestantism. Two of his most famous books Fifty Years in the Church of Rome and Forty Years in the Church of Christ became best sellers.

Chiniquy was a member of Boyne LOL No. 401 in Montreal.

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