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Extended exhibition time for 'In the Name of the Sisterhood'

It is now just over six months since the launch of the 'In the Name of the Sisterhood' exhibition at the Museum of Orange Heritage, Schomberg House.

However, nobody in attendance at the formal opening could have foreseen the upheaval Covid-19 would bring, resulting in the closure of the museum from late March to early September.

Now the museum is back up and running, 'In the Name of the Sisterhood' has been given a new home - in the and will be open for viewing to December.

The exhibition, which focuses on the history of Women’s Orangeism going back to before the formal creation of the first Women’s Lodge in 1800, traces the history of the Women’s Orange lodges in Ireland and throughout the world.

It highlights the opposition and support that women have had to have their voices heard and to achieve representation alongside their Orange brethren.

There are Women’s Orange Lodges in nine jurisdictions across the globe. In Ireland, where the movement originated, there are currently 90 women’s lodges.

This exhibition reveals the history of those associations and of some of the women whose ideals forged them. On display will be items representing women’s lodges around the world.

This exhibition is produced on pop-up stands and also features a number of interesting artefacts on display.

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