Have a Boyne day out at Orange museum

The Museum of Orange Heritage in Belfast will play host to Boyne Day later this month.

Next weekend, the outreach facility will be a hive of activity for the inaugural family orientated event, celebrating and highlighting the significance and relevance of the Glorious Revolution 327 years ago.

Costumes and weapons will be brought to life through the recreation of a period camp, with black powder and other weapon displays. As well as children’s craft activities, a fife and drum workshop will bring some musical input to the occasion.

Visitors will also be able to get their picture taken with one of the museum’s most significant artefacts from the period of the Glorious Revolution, a Boyne musket. The 17th century weapon was once carried by a Jacobite Dragoon and is thought to have been used during the seminal battle in 1690. The musket was acquired by the museum through a public auction two years ago.

Museum curator, Dr Jonathan Mattison, said Boyne Day was the latest initiative by the Orange Institution to educate and inform a wider audience about the shared history of the British Isles.

He said: “Through this special event at our Belfast site we hope to not only raise the profile of the Battle of the Boyne itself, but also set the historical context of the Glorious Revolution.

“As well as being a fun and enjoyable day for all the family, we believe the occasion will serve to highlight the growing cultural and tourism product associated with the Williamite trail in Northern Ireland and the Republic.”

Dr Mattison confirmed an information stand relating to the Boyne Visitor Centre in Co Meath would be available on the day.

The Boyne event takes place following a recent high-profile marketing campaign by the Museum of Orange Heritage. ‘Clash for the Throne’ depicted both King William and King James with billboards and other advertising prevalent across Greater Belfast.

The Orange museum on the Cregagh Road and at Sloan’s House, Co Armagh, both officially opened in June 2015. The interpretative centre in east Belfast displays a wealth of items and artefacts relating to the history of Orangeism across the world, including King William’s original saddlecloth and the Paymaster General’s book of payments to the Williamite army.

The Loughgall facility focuses predominantly on the origins of the Institution, with the centrepiece being the original parlour where the first Orange warrants were signed over 200 years ago.

Boyne Day takes place on Saturday August 19 from 10.30am to 3.30pm. Admission is free for children under 16. Entry for adults costs £3, including free admission to the museum. For more information, contact the Museum of Orange Heritage on 028 9070 1122, or visit www.orangeheritage.co.uk.