New World War 1 workbook launched!

A new workbook was launched at the Museum of Orange Heritage, Belfast, on Thursday 27th August.

The workbook is titled ‘Tanks, Trenches and Troops’ which focuses on the First World War. The activities in the workbook have included aspects from the curriculum from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The workbook has been developed for the Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 age groups. Topics covered in the book include the recruitment of soldiers, life in the trenches, the Battle of the Somme and the Home Front. The workbook also features Orange links to Orangemen that fought from all around the world as well as the efforts of some Orangemen, including a VC winner Robert Quigg.

This new educational resource is the second in the series of workbooks produced by the Museum and the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. The first was the very successful ‘Soldiers, Spies and Supplies’ which was based on an artefact in the Belfast museum, the Paymasters General’s book. It covered the period of the Williamite wars in Ireland and the Battle of the Boyne.

If you wish to get a copy of this new workbook please contact the Museum of Orange Heritage.